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Two Authors, One Mind

The collaborative fanfic journal of a pair of writers conjoined at the brain

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The collaborative writing journal of KJ (owlmoose) and Ikonopeistan (kunstarniki), two fanfiction authors working primarily in the Final Fantasy X-2 universe. It hosts the following stories:

Death Shall Have No Dominion

Spira is caught in a vicious cycle of death and held captive by a corrupt religious order. A small group of pilgrims thought they had found the only way to break free. But a chance meeting between two of the world's greatest warriors -- Nooj the Undying and Sir Auron, the legendary guardian -- will change the course of history.
Rating: R
Primary Characters: Nooj, Auron, and Paine
Primary Pairing: Nooj/Paine
Spoilers: For both games
Disclaimer: Characters, settings, and concepts from Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are copyright Square-Enix.
Notes: To start reading from the beginning, click here. To browse a list of chapters, click here.

This AU springs in part from The Confessional and picks up partway through the events of 197S.9.23.

The title is from a poem by Dylan Thomas.


Nooj and Paine have a conversation about their future together and come to a life-changing decision. A short story within the DSHnD AU.
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 5822
Pairings: Nooj/Paine
Spoilers: None for the games
Notes: Set about two years after the end of DSHnD. Available in its entirety here.


After the tragic death of their newborn child, Nooj and Paine must find a way to rebuild their lives together. A sequel to
The Dynast by kunstarniki.
Rating: R
Primary Characters: Nooj and Paine.
Pairing: Nooj/Paine
Spoilers: For all of FFX-2. Also incidental spoilers for FFX.
Disclaimer: Characters, settings, and concepts from Final Fantasy X-2 are copyright Square-Enix.
Notes: Set about twelve years post-canon (ie., not a part of the DSHnD AU). In progress. To start reading at the beginning, click here.